Who we are?

The Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) is a semi-autonomous body affiliated to the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Its objectives are to promote advanced education and professionalism in management in Sri Lanka through the provision of postgraduate instruction, training, research, and development in various branches of management and administrative studies.

Today, it serves as the national interests of professional management education and the training on a wider scale providing challenging opportunities for learning and skill development to thousands of senior-level managers and administrators. Being the pioneer of advanced management education in Sri Lanka, PIM provides leadership to those who are in the business of innovating and disseminating management know-how as well as to those who are in search of higher learning alternatives. PIM conducted its flagship MBA courses since 1986 which is now widely recognized for high quality management education across Sri Lanka.

PIM Alumni (PIMA-OMAN) is a non-profit oriented professional group consisting of the initial members of the 2017 batch. The alumni of PIM residing in the Sultanate of Oman are the members of PIMA-OMAN and is expected to increase its members gradually every year. PIMA-OMAN members play leading roles in various organizations in the OMAN as well as around the world and are uniquely committed to the society, and responsive to each other.


1. To help PIM enroll future batches and roll out the DBA in Oman 

2. Conduct training programs and workshops 

3. To carry out academic guidance to the learning partners to face the semester exams, assignments and complete final projects 

4. Assist PIMA members and learning partners to suitable employment opportunities as when need arises 

5. Organize CSR projects for the social benefits in Oman and Sri Lanka 

6. Organize Sports Activities 

7. Organize Social and Entertainment Activities